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Breast milk is best for all babies, but premature babies have increased nutritional needs that cannot be met by a mother’s own breast milk alone.

By donating to Tiny Treasures Milk Bank, your excess breast milk will allow very low birth weight premature babies the opportunity to benefit from a 100% human milk diet. Milk donated through Tiny Treasures Milk Bank will be used by Prolacta Bioscience® to make human milk nutritional products including a human milk-based fortifier, human milk caloric fortifier, premature infant formula and standardized donor milk sold to hospitals for use in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) for very low birth weight premature babies. All Prolacta products are made from human breast milk.

The only human milk-based, human milk fortifier, Prolact+ H2MF®, is used to give the premature babies the extra nutrition they need and is made from milk donated through Prolacta-affiliated milk banks, such as Tiny Treasures Milk Bank. The fortifier is mixed with mother’s own milk or donor milk, if mother’s own milk is not available, to provide the combination of fat, calories, proteins and minerals preterm babies need in NICUs, as prescribed by neonatologists.

Your excess breast milk can be made into potentially life-saving nutritional products. And now you can be compensated for your time and effort!

Breast Milk Donor

  • Signs donor agreement with Prolacta Bioscience
  • Satisfactorily completes the on-line donor application
  • Meets health screening requirements
  • Nurses her own baby first and pumps excess breast milk for donation
  • Ships excess frozen breast milk to Prolacta
Prolacta Bioscience

  • Pays for all donor qualification expenses
  • Provides free breast milk storage bags and shipping coolers to donor
  • Pays for shipping of breast milk donations
  • Compensates donor $1 for every qualified ounce of breast milk received*
  • Makes the only full line of human milk nutritional products for premature babies
*Additional requirements listed in donor agreement. Compensation is for time and effort and starts with your FIRST donation of qualified milk. Milk volume is used as an indirect measure of time and effort for milk donation. Milk volume will be as determined by Prolacta, in its sole discretion. Prolacta will weigh the milk, at the time and in the condition that it is received at Prolacta’s facility, and calculate the volume based on measured weight, excluding any packaging materials, using Prolacta’s standard operating procedures.