Breast Milk Donor Testimonials

Preemie Twins Inspire Grateful Mom to Help Other Preemies 

"Luke and Ava are now healthy 11-month-olds and weigh close to 20 pounds! I never thought I would see the day they had rolls on their little arms and legs.” -Christina

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As a Donor, I Can Help Babes and Support My Family! 

Prolacta Milk Bank Review - Erin's Testimonial

Since my husband and I struggled with fertility, we truly believed babies are the greatest blessings in this world. I am happy knowing that my excess breast milk can help the tiniest babies.” -Erin

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Tiny Treasures Donor Heather B’s Goodbye Video

What It's Like to Donate Milk at Tiny Treasures Milk Bank - Heather's Testimonial
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Prolacta and Tiny Treasures this opportunity to be able to make an impact in babies’ lives and in their family’s lives and also for the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom for two years.” –Heather
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Angela Comes Full Circle As Donor 

My Preemie Received Prolact+ and Now I'm Giving Back
“So Angela wanted to do something with her extra breast milk – something that could possibly help other babies and families.”
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Jessica Has Donated Over 29,000 Oz to Tiny Treasures! 

I've able to donate over 29,000 oz of excess breast milk with Tiny Treasures
Sent a shipment last night! James loves sitting on the boxes!” – Jessica
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