Kelly's Story

Quick facts:
  • Exclusively pumped after the birth of her second child
  • Former NICU baby
“My husband, Eric, and I have been married for 7 years, and we are blessed with Lillie, 4, and Liam, 19 months. Canine agility is my main hobby! I have a 9-year-old Papillion who is an agility champion, and we also worked together for 4 years as a therapy dog team.” Read more

Lindsey's Story

Quick facts:
  • Second-grade teacher, former stay-at-home mom
  • Values reduced risk of breast cancer due to breastfeeding
“I'm a mother to two littles, Zayla, 2.5, and Zoey, 1. They are my world! In my spare time, I enjoy watching TV and movies with my girls. l recently returned to work, after being a stay-at-home mom for a year. I'm a second-grade teacher at one of the lowest income schools in my area. Prior to the pandemic, students shared supplies as a classroom community, but now they are required to have their own school materials, which is a financial burden on many families. Thanks to my extra income from donation, I’m able to provide supplies for about 20 second graders!” Read more

Jasmine'S STORY

Quick facts:
  • Part-time dog groomer and full-time mom of two boys
  • Two-time NICU parent
  • Breastfeeding advocate
“I live in New Mexico and have two boys, Jericho, 4, and Jedidiah, 1. I'm a part-time dog groomer and full-time mom with a passion for breastfeeding awareness. Jericho was born at 39 weeks, and Jedidiah at 31 weeks, weighing just 4 lb 4 oz. Both spent time in the NICU. Seeing all the fragile, tiny babies inspired me to donate my excess milk, especially given my natural oversupply. I am so happy I found Tiny Treasures, as donation is an amazing way to help other families. I donated with Jericho until he weaned at 26 months and am now on my second journey with Jedidiah.” Read more

Christina's Story

Quick facts:
  • Home remodeling enthusiast from Florida
  • Advocates for women maintaining proper breast health
“My loving husband, Jim, and I have two little bundles of energy, Ava, 3 and James, 1. I live in Florida and love painting tropical landscapes, completing the most difficult puzzles I can find, and decorating elaborate birthday cakes! Second to family, traveling is my true love—I've been to all 50 states and 20 countries and am always planning my next adventure!” Read more

Robyn's Story

Quick facts:
  • Kindergarten teacher from Virginia
  • Single mom to two girls
  • Daughter of an Air Force NICU nurse
  • Three-year milk donor with Tiny Treasures
“I'm a single mom raising two girls, Mya, 6, and Aubree, 3. I live in Virginia and am a kindergarten teacher. I love being around kidsthey're funny, spontaneous, and always keep me on the go. For fun, I enjoy spending time with family, teaching my girls new things, cooking, watching documentaries, and online shopping.” Read more

Abbie's Story

Quick facts:
  • Parent of a Prolacta product recipient
  • Excited to give back to other NICU families
“My husband and I have been married for two years, and my hobbies include singing, enjoying nature, and spending time with family! Our first child, Lillie, was born at 26 weeks, weighing just 2 lb 2 oz. Soon after delivery, I started pumping for her. After a couple weeks in the NICU, the nurses spoke with us about fortifying my milk to help Lillie gain weight more quickly. Once we started adding Prolacta fortifier to my milk, Lillie’s weight really took off!” Read more

Sarah's Story

Quick facts:
  • Former teacher, now a stay-at-home mom
  • NICU parent excited to give back
“I’m a former teacher and current stay-at-home mom. My husband and I have a 6-month-old baby girl and a Dachshund mix. I enjoy running and try to squeeze in various crafts, training my dog, cooking for fun, and home “fix-it” projects while my daughter naps. Our daughter, Sedona, was unexpectedly born with a type of ichthyosis, a rare genetic skin condition requiring her to spend her first 4 weeks of life in a level 4 NICU. During this time, I learned about Prolacta.” Read more


Ashlee's Story

Quick facts:
  • Inpatient psych nurse and NICU nurse
  • Studying to become a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner
  • Family members have had preterm babies
“I'm an inpatient psych nurse and a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner student. I have three kids, ages 8, 3, and 1. I love to read and am obsessed with my Erin Condren® life planner, stickers, and pretty pens. Prematurity has touched my heart in multiple ways. I was only 3 lb 14 oz at birth, my cousin was born at 27 weeks, and I am a former NICU nurse. I know how important liquid gold is!” Read more

Stephanie's Story

Quick Facts:
  • Commercial credit analyst from Missouri
  • Exclusively pumped after the birth of twin boys
“My husband, Chad, and I have been married for 3 years. We are blessed with handsome 16-month-old twin boys, Lincoln and Bentley, and a 20-year-old daughter, Tiffany, from Chad's previous marriage. We live in Missouri and I work full-time as a commercial credit analyst. Life is crazy and doesn't seem like it's going to slow down anytime soon, but that's one of the things I love about it!” Read more