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Prolacta wishes to collect only enough milk to meet the immediate needs of the babies we serve. There are times in which our current donors are able to supply our milk needs, and in those times, we will not accept new applicants.

When Applications are Open

If we are accepting new applicants, you will be directed to complete an additional survey. Once your survey has been submitted, we will contact you within 5 business days.

When Applications are Closed

If we are not accepting applicants, no additional steps are needed beyond completion of the contact form below. If this is the case, you’re welcome to submit your contact information, so it can be kept in our database.

Have you submitted a contact form or donated with us in the past?

If you have completed a contact form in the past, the website will not allow you to save a new one. Please DO NOT submit a new form with alternate contact information. Instead, please email us at if you have any questions.

A special note, our current policies do not allow us to accept donations from individuals who reside outside of the US.

By completing this form, you are affirmatively and voluntarily providing your personal information to Prolacta so that we can potentially qualify you as a human milk donor.

Thank you for helping babies like me!