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Applications Are Currently Closed
Prolacta wishes to collect only enough milk to meet the immediate needs of the babies we serve. Our qualified donors are providing enough milk to meet these needs at this time; therefore, we are not currently accepting new applicants.
If you are interested in receiving information about milk donation once our needs have changed and we are accepting new donors, please complete the form below to join our contact list.
We encourage you to check back on this page periodically for updates. In the meantime, your local hospital or lactation educator may be able to provide information on alternate donation options in your area.
Have you submitted a contact form to us in the past? 
You are already on our contact list and no additional action is needed. Applicants who have previously submitted their information to a Prolacta-affiliated milk bank are unable to submit their contact information again through our website.
By completing this form, you are affirmatively and voluntarily providing your personal information to Prolacta so that we can potentially qualify you as a human milk donor. 

Thank you for helping babies like me!