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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I be compensated for my donations? 

Tiny Treasures donors are compensated $1.10 per qualified ounce of milk they donate.

  • Is there a minimum amount I need to be able to donate?

Tiny Treasures donors are asked to commit to donating 2800 oz over their 6-month qualification period. Applicants should be actively expressing milk on an ongoing basis to help meet this expectation. We are not able to work with donors who only have previously expressed milk stored for donation.   

  • Are there medical conditions that might disqualify me from donating? 

Yes, please be sure to review our prequalification guidelines for general eligibility criteria.

  • I am currently pregnant. Can I apply now?

Unless you are a surrogate or gestational carrier, you must wait until you are four (4) weeks postpartum to apply.  If you can donate your excess breast milk once you have reached this milestone, we welcome you to reach out to us at that time.

Please Read Before Moving Forward:
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