While breastmilk is perfect nutrition for healthy full-term babies, it does not provide enough nutrition for premature and critically ill infants. These infants may need additional calories and protein, in addition to breastmilk, to support their growth and development.
Your breastmilk helps Prolacta provide hospitals with the world’s first and only nutritional fortifiers made exclusively from donor breastmilk, instead of cow milk. Our fortifiers are changing the standard of care for premature infants globally. Premature infants receiving a 100% human milk–based diet including Prolacta’s fortifiers had fewer complications1-5 and went home sooner.6
As a breastmilk donor, you can make a lasting impact on the lives of babies and their families. Many of our donors tell us that their experience donating gives them a sense of purpose. Plus, we work to ensure you have all the resources and information needed to make the process of donating without leaving your home as rewarding as possible.
Because extra pumping requires time and effort, Prolacta compensates mothers $1.20 for every qualified ounce of milk that is donated. Breastmilk has been proven to be beneficial for all babies, but when it comes to babies who are critically ill or born prematurely, it can be lifesaving.
Each of our donors has a unique story and an ultimate reason for why they donate. 
“Prematurity has touched my heart in multiple ways. I was only 3 lb 14 oz at birth, my cousin was born at 27 weeks, and I am a former NICU nurse. I know how important liquid gold is!”

Quick facts:
  • Inpatient psych nurse and NICU nurse
  • Studying to become a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner
  • Family members have had preterm babies

“The compensation has enabled me to stay at home with my baby. We have been able to pay off her NICU bill and jump-start a savings account. I plan to use future “milk money” to put my dog through a therapy dog training and certification program.”
Quick facts:
  • Former teacher, now a stay-at-home mom
  • NICU parent excited to give back
“Being a donor has given me the opportunity to discuss the importance of breastmilk with others, and I am forever grateful for the resources and community I've found through this program.”
Quick facts:
  • Part-time dog groomer and full-time mom of two boys
  • Two-time NICU parent
  • Breastfeeding advocate